Bitcoin Profit Bot for Bittrex & Poloniex

Solidify your Bitcoin investment by making more Bitcoin! With the Bitcoin Profit Bot for Bittrex AND Poloniex, you can grow you Bitcoin reserves and compound your portfolio value.

It’s no secret – Bitcoin and Altcoins are hot! Just in 2017 alone Bitcoin  & the Altcoin market have grown nearly 800%! If you would have bought 1 Bitcoin in earlier this year, when it was below $1000 USD, you would have made over a 400% return! That’s unheard of in the investment space!

John Macafee, a software pioneer and businessman predicts the price of Bitcoin will reach $500,00 USD within 3 years. Imagine even having two Bitcoins by then – you could be sitting on a lot of wealth.

The Bitcoin Profit Bot (BPB) never sleeps. It never gets tired of analysing the market. It never allows emotion into the equation of making profit. It follows a strict set of rules and ALWAYS looks for the best price to buy and sell at. It achieves this with strategies that you can tune, like Bollinger Bands, and our proprietary strategy called ProfitTrigger.

ProfitTrigger allows BPB to watch for the highest sell price and the lowest buy price above or below the threshold you set. It’s easy and it works. Say you want to always maintain a profit of 2% when you sell, then all you have to do is tell ProfitTrigger to sell at 2% above your buy price. ProfitTrigger will then enable the PowerSell algorithm to watch the price of the coin and track it as it trends upward. Once it hits the top and the price trend reverses down, ProfitTrigger will calculate an acceptable percentage of profit (as high as it can get over the 2% threshold) and execute a sell.

The same applies for a buy, but in reverse. ProfitTrigger will use the lower Bollinger Band and watch the price go down with its PowerBuy algorithm. When it has bottomed out, it will then make the buy as low as it can.

ProfitTrigger can lead to massive profits of 5%, 15%, even 30% or more sometimes.

Besides BPB being smart, it’s also lean. You can run ALL pairs on either Bittrex or Poloniex in under 512 Megabytes. Other bots out there struggle to do this in Gigabytes. This means you can run this on your desktop or laptop and not eat up your memory, leaving you to have more room to run more apps. But what we really like about this is it allows you to run this on vps servers with only 1GB of RAM! With some hosting providers such as Vultr, this is only $5/mo USD! Insane! You could pay for your hosting fees with one tiny trade!

We provide you with a lifetime license for the purchased version and small upgrade fees for each new version. So for example, you could buy the current version (1.0.5) and run that FOREVER! When version 2.0 comes out, we charge a small upgrade fee (less than 1/2 of the original price – .02) to keep paying for ongoing development. BUT, your original version you bought will always run. And on top of it, we will provide, per year, 4 license keys. This will allow you to, ahem, fry or lose a key and get a replacement for no additional charge. But, you know, if you wanted to run, say 2 bots using your 4 key allotment, we won’t say anything. Can you say DOUBLE THE PROFITS??

In addition to all the features mentioned above, you will have access to the BPB website that contains all our documentation and forum where users discuss all things Crypto and BPB. This comes with every license and if you want to take things a step further, we have a realtime discussion group that you can gain access for a small ongoing monthly fee. We call this group the Bitcoin Profit Bot Ballers and you can read more about it here.

For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time and we will reply promptly.

Maximise your profit, get into the market now! Put BPB to work for you today!


  • Multiple markets supported – BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT.
  • ProfitTrigger PowerBuy & PowerSell – BPB watches trends for best entry and exit!
  • Run (REAL) Bollinger Bands and ProfitTrigger strategies (NO REVERSE ENGINEERED BS as our BB’s ACTUALLY MATCH THE EXCHANGE!).
  • Web interface – NO TAILING LOG FILES!
  • 4 license keys per year (we know, things happen).
  • Native binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Runs in under 512 Megabytes! (Yes, you can run this on a VPS for cheap!)
  • Fair price. Half the price of other bots out there – because this is fair market pricing! No greedy price gouging.
  • Website and community forum for questions, answers, and strategies.
  • Support when you need it.