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We just crossed $5k!

October 12, 2017    
Lord Marshal    

Wow folks, big day. Bitcoin just broke the $5k resistance barrier and is on a tear. Holyyyyyy shit. As I write this, it’s over $5200 usd (over €4300 eur). Amazing. Lots of news pumping this up. Japan takes the lead as the worlds largest trader if Bitcoin. World markets shrug off China banning ICO’s and exchanges. Here’s what we’re looking at as far as charts go. USD EUR This just gets back…    read more 

Cryptocurrency and rating agencies

September 25, 2017    
Lord Marshal    

A lot of us would agree that we have gotten into many messes because of the current financial system. 2008, of course, is something every still talks about and if you are in the financial industry, sometimes you still feel the pain. I was just reading a post over at Cointelegraph about government debt getting downgraded and the first thing that came to mind after the first paragraph was “give me a…    read more