The Bitcoin Profit Bot

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Internet 3.0

We have entered a new dawn in secure, distributed computing and it's just beginning to pick up speed

Why is Bitcoin so important?
"In my personal assessment we are in the shift between Disbelief and Hope which will turn into Full Hope with more Higher Highs on daily charts. If you are here right now, you have great chances of buying into the forming trend early without your entry price ever touched again. This is a unique opportunity for all of us. We are at the right time, at the right place, doing the right thing. We got to realize that, so we can make profitable decisions for our personal investment strategy. Do your research, decide which coins you would like to hold in 5+ years when crypto is fully implemented in the world...
"The entire global financial system is a bubble without fundamentals. The system can only keep on running due to globalization which is basically expansion. This has a naturally ceiling, nothing can grow forever without retesting previous stages. We live in a world that has been built upon the idea of globalization. I am pretty sure you feel the limit of that idea in your working life too. Working more, with less income, doing tasks that you are actually not entitled to do, because the company tries to save money.
There is a natural ceiling on that idea, and we are very close. Not to mention that we have a financial system that produces more debt than money needed to repay those debts. It is a vicious cycle, and there is no solution to it, except to create a new system.
This is what taking place right now, the setup of a whole new system based on blockchain technology. However what happens with the debts already accumulated? It will be taken to the new system.
This ultimatively means that the Crypto bubble will be the last bubble to keep the system running for as long as possible." - Internet Sage, CryptoYoda

What the Visionaries Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting out in crypto, is this something for me?

That's a big question, but an equally big answer is, It can be! We could quote many, probably hundreds, of visionaries and forward thinkers about why they see Bitcoin as a future of money. We believe it is a good store of value and probably not a money replacement (there are other crypto currencies that can and will do this). We do know that Bitcoin has A LOT of value and many are predicting it will increase in value many times over the coming years. So, the question is: do you sit this one out, watch others reap the benefits or do you jump in now? Of course, we say you should have jumped in months ago, even last year. We do truly believe that since Bitcoin will keep going up, it is better to jump in NOW and ride that wave. Even 1/2 of 1 Bitcoin will be enough to get started. I (LM) started out earlier this year using less than 1/2 of 1 Bitcoin as capital and watched it grow (with bots) to over 2 Bitcoin. That's huge! So if you are ok with risk (because NONE of this is guaranteed, of course) and want to grow your BTC as fast as possible, then we would say, yes, this can be something for you.

Is this a subscription (SAAS) product?

NO! You buy a license to use the bot for as long as the exchanges are in business. You do not pay any monthly fee ever. Some SAAS services will charge you the same amount that we do to run 'up to' 25 pairs (BTC and coin pairs) at once. We have no such restrictions. You can run UNLIMITED pairs on your license. So, no, this is not a subscription and it is not limited or restricted in any way.

What happens if you close shop?

Simple: We will create a Github page that will contain the last release of the bot. It will have no license restrictions at all and you will be free to use it however you want. But, we don't plan on closing shop anytime soon. There are a lot of features we have planned and as long as the exchanges are in business, we will be to. You will ALWAYS have a way to protect your investment with BPB!

Do you guarantee profit?

While we really want to say yes, we cannot. We and others that have used the bot have generated profit and sometimes, massive (over 100% in many cases). But, it all comes down to the individual trader and configurations. It IS possible to configure the bot to buy and then panic sell, loose money, and quit. And while we haven't met anyone who is done that, it is possible. For this and other reasons, we just simply cannot guarantee any profits. HOWEVER, we think you will profit and that you can earn your investment back. We and others have done it and we provide a lot of documentation for licensed users on how to configure the bot(s) for your best chance at success.

Do you give refunds?

No. And the reason for this is we have no way of knowing if you have made any profits or not. If we did offer refunds, it would be entirely possible to make profits with the bot, claim there were not profits and we would have no way of verifying this. Bitcoin is not a refundable form of payment - there is no middle man to handle this function. Once the payment is sent, it is sent forever. We will stand by our claims, however, and encourage you to read through our testimonials and blog posts throughout the site to determine if BPB is for you.